You Can Judge The Book By Its Cover – The Menu Of A Restaurant Speaks

The menu of a restaurant reflects its personality. A well-designed and rich menu entices customers. The menu is not only a list of dishes the restraint serves. It focuses on the goal the restaurant eyes to achieve. This is the reason why restaurants never hesitate to shred some extra dollars on the engineering of the menu. Therefore, in the case of restaurants, you can judge the book by its cover.

Here is how:

The Golden Triangle Region of the Menu

The majority of customers like you looks at the middle first and then starts scanning from top left corner to the bottom right corner. In the language of restaurant menu engineers, it is called the golden triangle. This is where the best dishes of the restaurant land. For the restaurant, these dishes provide the biggest profit margin. Do not think that you will find expensive dishes only in the golden region. The restaurant places only the best dishes in that region. This area has more than one dish and every item is the top selling.


The color

The menu of a top-rated restaurant reflects how much they care about their customers. The psychology of color can help you out to judge the quality of food and services of a restaurant. If the color is green, it means they serve fresh food. Orange stimulates appetite. It is associated with healthy food. Red is an attention grabber. It guides you to the best dishes of the restaurant.

The Dollar Sign

The missing dollar sign makes people spend more. By removing the dollar sign you are actually taking away the real value of a dish. Same goes when you are spelling the dollar. You might have seen the price of a dish like 9.90$. You know that this is going to cost $10. Printing $9.90 is cheap and a good restaurant never prints something like that on its restaurant menu.


The Appeal

Words like recently harvested, home-brewed, chef designed and freshly picked usually appear on the menu of the best restaurant in Spring Hill. Superlatives are too fantastic to believe. Therefore, you should ignore this.

The List Management

Dishes in the menu of the best restaurant are listed under different categories. A special attention is paid to the dishes listed under one category. For example, if a restaurant is serving 10 different types of pizzas, the best selling pizzas are at the top of the list.


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