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B Confidential Club Restaurant Menu Card

Welcome to B Confidential club and restaurant in the Brisbane. We provide the best delicious food in our restaurant. Spring hill restaurant is famous for its quality services with remarkable prices.

Restaurant menu list and price:

  • Filet mignon (GF):- Eye filet wrapped in bacon, oven baked, served on creamy mash with a grilled mushroom, steamed winter vegetables and a rich res wine jus. price $36.90.
  • Chicken Mignon: – Mignon is basically a cut from the tenderloin of the creature. The tenderloin, which is good lean and has title internal marbling (fat), is frequently wrapped with bacon for flavor thus it won’t dry out. Same can be said of chicken. It doesn’t have anything to do with the sauce that goes on it; in fact it’s not always served with sauce. Chicken breast fillet wrapped in bacon, oven baked served on pan fried potato gnocchi with steamed winter vegetables and a rich spiced jus. price: $26.90.

Restaurant Menu Card

  • Slow Braised Beef Cheek Goulash: – JBS beef cheeks, winter root vegetables, beef stock garlic tomato Napoli, smoked paprika slow cooked for 8 hours and served with pan fried potato gnocchi. Price: $28.90.
  • The B Con Crisp Potato skin pie (GF):- Grilled chicken char grilled baby corn, pan seared forest mushrooms in a rich hunter sauce, served in a crisp potato skin on a bed of creamy mash with steamed winter vegetables. Price:$28.50
  • OP Pork Rib: – Over baked on the bone park rib on roast sweet potato mash with steamed winter vegetables and topped with a part and smoked apricot jus. Price: $26.90.

For more information visit at spring hill restaurant in the Brisbane.