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Best Spring Hill Restaurant and Poker in Australia

Welcome to Confidential Club in Australia. It is one of the most reputed and famous places that offers delicious and mouth watering food, luxurious drinks and much more at remarkable price. Confidential Club is a premium bar, strip club and finest restaurant in Australia. Australia is very beautiful country of the world. The best restaurant in spring hill, confidential club offers you many packages to fully enjoy your party in this restaurant.

Poker : All Tuesdays and Saturdays we have special poker game events for our customers. Tuesday night and Saturday Day we arrange a free poker game. Timing is Saturday from 11:30AM till 6:00PM where the club transforms back to a strip club and Tuesdays is limited seating alongside its usual hot entertainment. If you have not played texas holdem poker before don’t worry our team will help teach you the ropes and make your feel part of the group.

Shorty Smalls

Food and Drink

Spring hill restaurant help you enjoy authentic cuisines at low rates. We provide the restaurant menu and very special dish in this hotel. Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli (v), Chicken Satay, Caesar Salad and other dishes in this restaurant. Spinach & ricotta is a nice dish Leafy green spinach and creamy ricotta cheese are a classic Italian combination. They make a wonderful feeling for these little pasta parcels, which are traditionally served on Christmas Eve – a time when meat-filled pasta should not be eaten.

Whether you are looking for Italian, Chinese, Mexican, French or Indian dishes, you could easily get a wide range of them in this perfect place. You just need to decide upon where to take the tastes buds to. You love certain food and want it to have, our restaurant would never disappoint you. For more information visit us at ConfidentialClub.com.au


Best Menu Covers Attract More Costumers

Every restaurant owner knows that the most important thing is to serve the best food. The food at your restaurant is your restaurant’s reason for being special and as such it has to be perfect.

Something that’s often overlooked but does play an enormous role in your customers’ experience of your restaurant is your menu. For this reason it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the very best restaurant menu covers that you can afford. Whether you have a small, limited menu with just one page, or whether yours is the kind of establishment that has so many offerings that the menu actually resembles a little book, you know that it’s critical to be able to showcase the dishes you serve in a way that makes them really stand out and communicate to the customer the kind of class, integrity and quality your restaurant is going to be able to provide.


Your restaurant’s menu is actually the soul of your restaurant. Regardless of whether or not customers pay attention to the décor, the lighting, the chairs or the music, everyone who comes into your restaurant will interact with your menu. The menu is the point of communication by which all customers will be able to learn what it is that your restaurant is truly about. Spending a good amount to get a menu of quality is an excellent investment. Not investing in a menu sends the message to customers that you don’t really care about your restaurant and the food, and by extension, their experience.

There are a wide variety of options available to you when it comes to choosing and selecting a menu cover. The best thing to do, if you are in the market for new restaurant menu covers, is to do research online with a reliable vendor who has the kind of quality options that you have come to expect and admire. Leather covers, gold edged or plain, clear plastic covers, clear plastic inserts or simply paper are all among the options that you can choose from.

Ordering online from a reputable site is a great way to get a high quality product at a relatively affordable price. Browse options, mock ups and images from the comfort of your home or office and only order when you’re sure you’ve made the right decision. This will save your precious time, while also ensuring that you have the opportunity to take a look at all the kinds of options that are available and make an informed selection about exactly the kind of covers you want to have. This is critical for people who are working with partners and may want to show their co workers or financiers a mock up of the covers before they are officially printed. If this is the case you will find that shopping online makes your process infinitely easier.

A great amount of effort and work goes into opening a restaurant. People who are truly dedicated often need to spend years perfecting their menu, finding the right space, and making sure that each and every flavour in every single dish is flawless. Even with all of those things in place, however, small details are still very important. When new customers come in, the first thing they will do is take a look at your restaurant menu covers, so make sure that they are of the highest quality.

For more information visit us Spring hill restaurant.