Partying in a Topless bar? Get Acquainted With Bar Etiquettes

It’s your birthday, bachelor party or any other special occasion, when you have made your mind to celebrate in a strip club or a topless bar, you cannot act like a dim-witted. However, some of the first time goers are either too reluctant. And, those who are too much keyed up sometimes get mad. They want to act right but they don’t know how to act in gentlemen club. Shall they keep their decency at home? How they can feast their eyes on the beautiful curves of the girl showing great pole dance tricks? Can they just play around or there are some club protocols they have to stick with? What is the right way to ask for a lap dance? What are the limits and how far they can go? Till now, they have seen a strip club in movies only. They know a bouncer grabs a troublemaker by collars and kicks out of the club. Therefore, if you don’t want your party to be ruined, you should get acquainted with the topless bar etiquettes.


Read rules: There are some rules and every guest is expected to follow them. If you don’t abide by, you know what they do with troublemakers. And, remember, rules are not same everywhere. Therefore, when you visit, look at the entrance, rules are usually found there. So, read before you proceed.

Asking for sex: Have you read the rules? If one of the rules says “you can’t” then you can’t. When you have booked a topless bar in Brisbane for a party, you can purchase a lap dance or pole dance, but you can’t be kinky. Girls are not allowed to seal some other deals. If you want a girl to be in your bed for making your night, meet her when she is not in the club.

Be nice: Dancers in a gentlemen club are regular girls. So, be nice and be polite. You can tell her that she is looking beautiful, hot or something like that. And, if you are going to use words like slut or bitch, be prepared to take your lumps.

Smell good: When you are sweating and smelling nasty, it can be horrible for the girl you are dancing with. If you want her to feel good in your company, then smell good.

Pay for more: You can enjoy her dance. You can talk to her when she approaches you for selling a lap dance. However, if you want to be on the stage with her when she is dancing, pay for it. Pay for the lap dance. Pay for her company in the private area.


Personal connection: Girls are professional and avoid personal connections. Some of the dancers and waitresses are mothers and some are college students. You cannot expect them to be in a relationship with you. They have their own relationships. However, there are some guys who talk about their personal lives in private areas. If you have bought her company for 2 hours, she cannot dance for that long. Rest of the time is spent in talks.


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